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GTL - Necklace Coins and Stone Chips | Fine necklace with Albina pendant and faceted Sodalite

GTL - Necklace Coins and Stone Chips | Fine necklace with Albina pendant and faceted Sodalite

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GTL- Get The Look:

Top down:

Row 1: Necklace Coins and Stone chips with sodalite and rhinestones, length 37.5cm. Stone size: 05-08mm

Row 2: Necklace with 3mm faceted sodalite and Albina brass pendant. Length 41 cm, Bee pendant size: 1.5 cm

Metal: brass

Stones: sodalite, golden pyrites

Color: blue and gold

Main stone description: Sodalite

Sodalite takes you to a deep introspection and helps you make a true assessment of all aspects of your life.
The high vibrations of the stone choose the path of truth and will help you understand yourself better and become aware of what needs to be worked on.
It works with the throat chakra and the third eye .
It brings emotional balance, calms panic attacks and improves self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Sodalite goes very well with Lapis Lazuli when trying to increase mental abilities and will help you give truthful information to the wearer.

Other stones that go very well with Sodalite:
Moldavite will act almost like a potential with its transformative capabilities; it will only strengthen the lasting effect of sodalite.
Rose Quartz and Sodalite evoke some of the highest levels of self-healing. Both stones have very high vibrational frequencies, facilitating the release of negativity and its replacement with pure enlightenment.

Since ancient times Lapis Lazuli has been considered one of the most powerful protective stones and has been worn to keep evil energies at bay.

Lapis Lazuli recognizes psychic attacks, blocks negative energy, frequency sent through these psi attacks and sends them back to the source of origin.

Lapis Lazuli facilitates contact with higher guides, helps open the third eye, brings harmony and deep knowledge of the inner self.

It helps unblock the throat chakra and is often used in crystal therapy to energetically heal ailments caused by not having the courage to speak your inner truth out loud.

It is the stone that gives the best results in the balance of the throat chakra, which is the chakra of communication, and it helps you a lot to release the messages that you could not get out loud. It teaches you to communicate, when, to whom and how much is good to say.

You can easily recognize it, it is deep blue and has little golden flecks of mica, like a night sky full of stars. Perhaps that is why the ancient Egyptians saw Lapis as a symbol of the night sky full of stars. And it was powdered and worn around the eyes to improve vision. Cleopatra was known to use Lapis Lazuli on the ground as eyeshadow.

While the Sumerians believed that the spirit of their gods lived in this stone.

Summary to remember about Lapis Lazuli: Stone of protection, repels low frequency energies, helps open the third eye and unblocks the throat chakra.