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The Duality of the Feminine - Life Death Rebirth - The Other Woman - The Story and Lesson of the Skeleton Woman

the story of the skeleton woman the waters of the divine feminine

The Skeleton Woman inspired by an Inuit folk tale, re-imagined in the Texas Gulf Coast by PaigeMoore / Beneath the Lillies Canvas Print by Veapalm via Redbubble

And because everything is revealed to us as little children through stories we only have eyes to see, ears to hear and... wisdom to discern their secrets... today I will first start with a Story... a story that I found it in the book Woman Who Runs with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and it came to me in a series of synchronicities to help me understand myself, recognize my wild nature and who I Am, Woman.

The Story of the Skeleton Woman

"She had done something against her father's will, something no one remembered. It was only known that her father had dragged her to the cliff and thrown her into the sea. The fish had come and eaten her flesh, devoured her eyes. And she he lay on the bottom of the water, and the currents rocked his bones to and fro.

One day a fisherman appeared. Actually there were several fishermen there, but one ventured quite far, ignoring what the others said: to stay away from those waters, for they were cursed.

And behold, a fisherman's hook hooked the cage bone to the Skeleton Woman's chest. "Aha - thought the fisherman - this must be a great catch!" He could already imagine the large number of people who would feed on the huge fish, how long it would take, and that he would not have to return to fishing for a long time. And as he labored to pull in the great fish, the sea began to boil, shaking his kayak like a straw, for that which lay in the depths, and was now drawn up to the surface, struggled mightily to free itself. The more he struggled, the more he got wrapped up in the line. And she had only managed to wrap herself up tight and be pulled up.

The fisherman turned to gather his net. He did not see the skull that had appeared above the waves. He saw neither the tiny deposits of coral that sparkled in the empty sockets, nor the crustaceans caught between the ivory teeth. When he returned with the net tightened, the entire skeleton had come out of the water and was still clinging to the kayak.

"Aaaah!" roared the man. With fear, his heart jumped out of his chest, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his ears caught fire.

"Aaahhh!..." he roared and hit her with the oar, throwing her into the sea. He then started shoveling like a madman towards the shore. He had not seen that she was entangled in the line of the rod, and was even more frightened when he caught sight of her again: the apparition seemed to be standing and watching him. No matter how many zigzags he made, she was always behind him rolling clouds of steam over the water with her breath, and stretching out her arms as if to catch him and drag him into the depths.
"Aaaah!" groaned the fisherman as he reached the shore. He quickly jumped out of the kayak and, holding tightly to the stick of the fishing rod, broke it as he ran. But the white skeleton like coral still hanging on the fishing line came bounding after him. The fisherman climbs over the rocks. The skeleton woman, after him... He was running across the frozen tundra. She, after him... In his frantic rush, he steps on the meat left to dry, crushing it under his moccasins. But the skeleton woman followed him steadfastly. He even took some dried fish on the go and ate them on the spot, because he hadn't put anything in his mouth for a long time.
Finally, the man reached his snow house, his igloo, threw himself through its mouth and plunged inside. Out of breath, he lay in the dark, sobbing. His heart was beating like a drum.. like a huge drum.. Safe at last... oh yes!... thanks to the gods, thanks to the Raven, yes!... and merciful Sedna, safe... at last .

But when he lit the whale oil lamp, he froze. She was right there. He lay huddled in a corner on the snow floor, one heel hanging over his shoulder, one knee stiff between his ribs, one leg twisted over the elbow. Later they don't know what happened. Maybe the firelight had softened her features, or maybe he was just a lonely man. He didn't understand why either, but he felt a wave of tenderness wash over him. He held out his rough hands to her and, speaking to her softly, as a mother speaks to her child, began to untangle her from the fishing line.
"Look like this…look like this…" He began to untangle the thread from her toes, then her ankles. "look like this...look like this..." and you're still unraveling until late at night. He puts every last bone in its place and then, so that she is not cold, he covers her with furs. And now the bones of the Skeleton Woman were again placed in their natural order.
He looked for the flint and lit the fire with a few strands of his hair. He then tightened the fishing line and began to anoint the precious wood of the rod. From time to time he glanced at the woman out of the corner of his eye, and she, under the furs, remained silent. He didn't say a word. He didn't dare. He was afraid that the fisherman would take her and throw her on the rocks, and then the dust would settle on her bones.

The man fell asleep. He crawled under the furs and soon fell asleep. Sometimes, when people sleep, a tear happens to flow from the dreamer's eye. We will never know what dream it stems from, but it must be a sad dream or a dream in which a desire is expressed. That's what happened to that man.

The Skeleton Woman saw the tear glistening in the firelight and suddenly felt terribly thirsty. He undid his bones and slid down next to the sleeping man then put his mouth on the tear. This single tear was a river for her thirsty lips. She drank again and again until she quenched the thirst that had burned her for so long.

As she lay stretched out beside him, she let her hand slide into the sleeping man and revealed his heart, which was beating like a drum. She sat down and gently tapped the edges of her heart.
- Boom, boom! Boom, boom!
As she pounded like that, she began to sing, "Meat, meat, meat!" And as she sang, her body was covered with flesh. And she sang for hair, and sang for eyes, and sang for strong hands. And she sang for her crotch and big breasts, so big you could wrap yourself in them for warmth, and everything a woman needs.

And when she was ready, she sang to take off the clothes of the sleeping man, then she slipped into bed beside him, and clung tightly to his body. He now replaced that wonderful drum, his heart, in his chest, and so they awoke in each other's arms, wrapped in their night, together, but in another world, a beautiful and lasting world.

Those who had forgotten what had brought her unhappiness at first, still tell now that she went away with the fisherman, and that they were lavishly fed by the creatures of the sea whom she had known while under the waters. The story, they say, is true, but it's all I know."

With small and sure steps, guided from within, we remember who we are. This is the Divine Feminine.

If He memorizes.. She is the keeper of Memory in her Waters.

While he teaches you who to be or how to be, She reminds you who You are.

While He does, She Is.

While he protects, She allows herself to be.

He sets in order, for she Is All.

In every man there must be this balance between the masculine/mental and the feminine/emotional.

Man cannot live happily without one or the other, because that is how he is made. That's how he's cut.. he has both the feminine in him and the masculine, whether he's a woman or a man. And until he creates this inner balance, in his Hall of Mirrors, that is, everyday life, this imbalance will be easily observed, especially in intimate relationships with their partners... or with a certain parent.



Water element

Water is the element that represents the emotional of man and his Feminine side.

There is a cellar, a basement of every man's psyche where he throws all his corpses, everything he wants to forget, to be forgotten.

This "basement" is also the bottom of the sea, of the ocean.. in which you wonder what you can find.. Through stories, legends, movies, every time we notice that in the depths of the waters... of emotions, a treasure is discovered , be it monsters, mermaids, or as in this story.. a Skeleton Woman.. And all waters, including tears, are a symbol of emotions, of the feminine nature in man as well as the boundless source of creation. Even in Greek mythology, all the wives and mothers of the gods were Oceanids.

And because the woman, the feminine is the Water element, she is the Memory of everything that exists . Maybe that's why I think that Akasha is in the waters.. I even remember in the movie "What dreams may come" how at the big library... where all the files of our lives are kept, the ancestral memories were reached on the water.. the library being surrounded by waters.

That Basement is full of Skeletons, it holds the memory of a man's wounds that he forgot or chose to forget. There are fragments of.. his drum that he abandoned by his will or by his.. helplessness. The basement, the bottom of the ocean is the place where he hid and repressed all his feelings, all his emotions, all the wounds, all the traumas, they are all there forgotten by time, what dictates his life Now and which he chose not to will he ever look again just because he was hurt... Once upon a time in the Past.

The Carousel of Time

When we are wounded, our soul is fragmented. Pieces of us get stuck in that moment, in that time, in the repetitive Carousel of Time, and it leaves a deep wound in us, a hole through which we continually leak and lose energy.

Many of us fool ourselves into thinking that Time heals.. instead time only makes you forget that you are hurt, and the only time that does you the greatest favor is Now.

Instead, the Past and the Future are the snares of the predator. There it consumes you, devours your energy with your consent, when it will bring in front of you again and again people who are your mirrors, and who will press the wound that you yourself left open. And everything happens for your ultimate good, so that you can observe them, observe yourself and heal yourself.

That's why everything is allowed and it depends on you what you attract... You can attract these devourers of vital energy, just like a fly is attracted to an open wound, to rot.. to something that smells of death or dead, just to follow the natural process of nature and to help the decomposition, the transformation. Just to let something that needs to be let... die, so you can live.

These two places, the past and the future.. keep you stuck in the Carousel of Time where You alone keep spinning until you heal your wound and learn your lesson. I tend to remember this because this aspect made the click of my awakening and because there are few of us who have managed to master Time and always be Now.

What you have to understand is that.. until you live in the Now and change this about yourself, nothing will change.. not thanks to the gods, nor thanks to the Raven, ... nor to the most merciful Sedna...

Denial of the Feminine

And there are many who ignore their emotional body.

And many choose, that no one should ever touch that Skeleton.. and any kind of emotion.. Never.. That's what they decided..

Without emotions and feelings, they say it is "The Best".

It's as if they've decided that at some point they won't touch each other's feet forever.

They made it their leg.. abandoned.. forgot it, threw it away.

This is how people abandoned their Hearts and slowly lost their drum.. Soul.

And there, forgotten in its depths, in the deep waters of man, in the realm of his emotional, lives this Nameless Woman, the deep and menacing Darkness that every man once ran from and sadly still runs from.

The basement I'm talking about is the Feminine in every man and woman. It's that side of themselves that some ignore, it's the Skeleton Woman in the Dark that I'm running from, which they reject and drive away, which they consider a matter of weakness because they all "Big" people want to appear Powerful.

And all these great and.. powerful men are actually all.. wounded children.

In the story, the Woman is the wounded one, she is the one without the Drum of the heart, of the soul, she is the one who quenches her thirst with his waters, with his waters more alive than hers to heal herself, and after she heals her wounds, she becomes whole, it becomes One,.. and Life and Death, and it is New... It is reborn, and look, this is how they end up living when they wake up to a happy life in another realm. This shows us that the outside world changes with you, and when you heal your entire outside world changes too.

"When the mind opposes Life, thoughts arise.
When something starts to conflict with an ego opinion, the tumult of emotions is unleashed."
Excerpt from the defiant
When man's thoughts oppose Life.. and the flow of Being .. the Divine Feminine Intervenes through the Skeleton Woman.
She is the Keeper of Life.

Humans have the foolish habit of choosing not to explore this depth of darkness within them, never to know this Nameless Woman who waits to transform them into better versions of themselves than they are now, and she waits in their waters, patient though eaten by time, and is ready to kill for Them, and remove all that deviates from the path of the Light of the Soul.

And people have the stupid habit of running away from love, and from the beat of their Drum..

This happens most of the time with the masculine, with the "big" and "strong" people... those who deny their feminine nature, their emotional... sentimental side. They are so wounded that they no longer want to feel a stronger beat in their Drum.. and they run and run eating the earth from the intimacy of the soul because they are afraid of the storm from the sea and what it might bring to the surface.

People have the foolish habit of indulging in any comfortable intimacies where there are no strong waves, and they do not understand that the very storm that brings their skeletons to the surface is their salvation.



I'm talking about Element Air here

Although I wanted to write about the feminine and the Skeleton Woman, to understand the feminine-masculine balance perhaps it is necessary to understand a little about the element of Air and the masculine.

When we talk about the mental body, we are talking about the Air element.

To bring the mind into balance, we must first organize our thoughts. Order in life, order in ideas, order in relationships, let's get rid of any baggage that weighs us down, whether it comes from the past or whether we carry it with us for tomorrow. We must practice being here and now.

Let's get rid of outdated ideas, limiting ideas, let's get rid of all those thoughts that divert us from Now. Let's get rid of beliefs about one or the other, and achieve spiritual and sexual freedom, which are extremely important.

All this leads to an order of the mind.

To have the Masculine in balance we must practice Discernment.. stop being influenced by the bombardment of outside information and see for ourselves what we think about what is happening.. without outside influences.

The moment we manage to lower the thinking from the head to the heart, we begin to hear the voice of intuition, and only then can we say that we have connected to Spirit and Universal Consciousness and brought Light into us.

And I chose to write about the divine masculine because it is extremely important that when we descend into the depths of the subterranean we have a dose of Light to guide our way back. And at the moment when our mind is crowded and dark, a little light still manages to descend from the sky to the heart through the filter of a mind.. clogged.

Imagine your head as a Funnel that receives vital light.. cosmic energy... Spirit, Chi, or whatever you want to call it.. the sieve through which it reaches the body. The more your head is loaded with garbage, the more clogged your funnel, your sieve, will be.

If for some the mind is a total chaos, others fall into the trap of fixed ideas, even rational they would say... and in both cases their funnel does not work as it should.

Once upon a time, a patriarchal representative a little "hooked on an idea", to a question I asked him about the woman.. he answered that "The woman is missing the furniture from the attic".. Totally off this answer, I realized why I had not felt like following him like the others, and that my path was not the same as his. Now, looking there, I would say that the Woman has more furniture than she needs, better said, she has all the furniture that exists in the world, and here the Divine Masculine intervenes.. He intervenes to bring her Order. Discernment. Your own opinion about everything, no matter what it is... and not the opinion that someone else has formed and following his path. When you choose something, you take it upon yourself and have an experience behind you as support . Conversely, when you soar to the sky just because you blindly follow X or Y, you cling to those people's experiences and follow their path.. and because you don't have the support of your own experience you risk falling out of paradise just to experience it you alone alone But that's another story..

When the Masculine does not have Order, he does not represent that Divine Masculine, he is a representative of a slightly lost, fallen, and slightly frustrated Masculine, of a shadow from a time loop in which he is caught and if you are not careful he pulls you him in his Carousel.

The masculine has the mission to make Order in the Funnel of the Mind, to allow the Light to pass the Barrier of the Mind and descend into the body .

From the feminine cosmic impulse, with all that is, we take our Spirit, Light, Chi..

She has the mission to incarnate the Spirit, and to do this she needs the male help. From Her Whole, He sets in motion and materializes... Makes.. Implements.. what has come down from her and is necessary for us Now, to incarnate it, and ground it in the Temple.

In the Darkness of the Feminine descends having Light, that is the Order of the Masculine, so we will not be distracted by external, unimportant things and we will not get lost on the way.

Thus we practice finding order and balance. We gather and learn to hold the Light to delve deeper into the Darkness again and again with the inner light burning.

Even in our story, the fisherman puts his things in order.. gathers the line of the fishing rod nicely, polishes the wood of the fishing rod.. he knows the order, and from time to time he looks at the skeleton woman from the corner of his eye.. he does not ignore her, he does not run away like the disbelief of emotions.

In so many years of patriarchy.. among many limiting teachings, there are also practices that help us achieve peace of mind. And the Masculine Mysteries are Learned, taught, Practiced!

How do we bring the air into balance? Through breathing exercises and conscious breathing. .

Most people do not have Air-Mind in balance, and besides the fact that there are enormously many women in masculine energy, the majority of women cannot get their minds in order and are extremely consumed by this inner disorder. They (they..) run out of energy, because a lot of it is consumed in the head, then a part goes to the vital organs, remaining all the time without zest for life, without inspiration (Inhale.. Breathe..), without libido and it works on survival mode. Mantak Chia talks very beautifully about how energy, Chi is distributed in the body.

Other people have limiting ideas, you easily fall into the other extreme, into the trap of the Rational Mind that has taken over them completely.

You can easily tell if a man has fixed ideas by how easily he accepts a new idea as a possibility.

When you are wounded and unhealed you will run from so many people.. you will run from so many experiences.. you will hide in work, in casual relationships, in activities of all kinds.. in too much sport, too much spirituality.. studies over studies, games, drinking.. and anything else that will keep your mind occupied , without complications, without feelings.. without emotions.

Such a man's mind is somehow forced to be always on the job lest it run loose and out of control and glance out of the corner of his eye at the Skeleton Woman, at the feminine within him, and at his basement full of skeletons. as the fisherman in the story dares to bring himself into balance.

The mind of man that is forced to be always busy.. is all the thinking given to man by his predator, it is a mind that lies to itself very nicely.. that has an impressive repertoire of excuses.

And when you are disconnected from the Source, when your antenna is not in the Air,.. in your head dozens of voices whisper thousands of thoughts or.. maybe just one.. and because your heart doesn't even hear it, it's not wonder you only listen to foreign stations..

If you have a clear and fixed thought about an idea, 100% yours.. but that thought will keep you as far as possible from your heart.. from the beat of your Drum.. you are far from balance and you are not on the way back to Self.


Bas-relief on the façade of Orvieto cathedral, depicting the Last Judgment. via Flickr

"The philosopher Descartes believed he had discovered the fundamental truth when he made the statement: 'I think, therefore I am.'
In fact, he had formulated the fundamental error: equating thought with Being and identity with thought.."
Eckhart Tolle, The Power of the Present

The Feminine and the Masculine when they ignore each other,

results.. Lack of Love

And while you think you're in control of yourself, of your life, from the cellar of skeletons you've chosen not to look into, all sorts of automatisms surface and manifest through you, every time a trigger button from the outside it is pressed on you.

It's enough for someone to ask an innocent question and your whole inner war comes out.

It's enough for someone to express their opinion about something.. and your entire arsenal supporting your Limiting Idea will pour out on that person.

This is how we React instead of.. Act.

And this reaction is a consequence of the past, of trauma and unhealed wounds.

And without noticing that you have an old idea, or an unhealed wound, your whole wonderful life, blindingly and deafeningly plays out like a repetitive broken tape.

And the Carousel of Time spins, and spins.. and you stand still while you still.. go.

I quote from The Woman Who Runs With the Wolves:

"If we are convinced that the life-death-life force ceases to operate after death, it is no wonder that some of us are afraid to commit to a relationship.

The prospect of it ceasing frightens us. We don't even want to leave the porch and enter the house of love.

We are horrified to think that Lady Death is waiting there in the drawing room, tapping her foot impatiently.

In front of her is a list of everything she has to do: on one side are listed those that must live, and on the other those that must die. And she's dead set on doing her job. She is determined to keep the balance.

In a soulless world, we must run faster and faster in search of this filament that burns eternally from Now. Or, the miracle we are looking for takes time, time to find it, time to give it life. "

Feminine and Masculine in Balance

When these two forces are in balance, they unite and thus Love is born.

The rest is something else.

"In wisdom stories, love is rarely a romantic meeting of two lovers. Circumpolar stories, for example, depict love as a union of two beings, whose combined forces enable one or both of them to come into contact with the world of the Soul and participate in destiny as in a dance with life and death."

In other words, the inner union of the feminine with the masculine, and the intimate union of two beings allows one or both to penetrate within themselves with Light (masculine) and bring to the surface from the subconscious from the darkness (feminine) , from the cellar with hides traumas, the skeleton woman, i.e. death to what was and is no longer necessary, death to something that the time has come to be destroyed, so that a new life and a seed of the soul, of " Pomegranate " penetrates that Man.

"The Life-death-life forces are part of our nature. It is an inner authority that knows the steps, that knows the dance of Life and Death. It knows when a certain thing should be born and when it should die.

He is a wise teacher, provided we understand his rhythm."

Thus the Skeleton Woman waits for her fisherman in the bed of love and he who is connected to the Source, and has Spirit in him, will Light the way inward and stir up in the other all his waters, (that is, his emotions) will make waves through the act of love and will make him either run, or stop running and retreat into the igloo, or into a cave, symbol of the subconscious, of introspection.. and all this to rekindle an even more Living Light in the Heart, or in a body without his Drum.

With the Feminine and the Masculine in balance, it descends into the Darkness of the Feminine. Not anyway.. If you don't have enough Light from Heaven, i.e. from Spirit, you risk getting lost on the way into the abyss.

Guided by the spirit, by the source of Solar Light of the masculine, there in the lower realm, in the basement of the subconscious, the light is turned on in the chest of the dead, or asleep... and with much patience and gentleness, just as the fisherman does with the Skeleton, one by one the Shadows begin to surface, and in the beat of light one by one they begin to heal.

This is the dance of love, a dance of courage with the Skeleton Woman, an acceptance of the natural cycle of Nature, and that every beginning has an end, and everything that has died has a seed of life.

life death duality of woman

Death and Rebirth via Morbidotomy

She, the Woman, is also Life and Death, a natural cycle of Nature.

The Skeleton Woman is the guardian of Life

And I do not mean this mortal and passing physical life of the body, but the life of the Soul, the torch which it guards, and which lives beyond physical Death. So the Skeleton Woman won't tickle your Ego..

Neither in stories nor in movies will you see the hero or heroine save someone's Ego.. Or have you?

Woman is both Life and Death, she is the Keeper of Life in both forms whether you like it or not.

Every Woman has Two Women in her.

The one that gives Life, the Life in Itself, and the one that brings Death to everything you no longer need, that Rebirths you again and again to a better version of you, more with soul, with wisdom of the Heart, and no longer with muscles or just with brain..

She is the one of Light and she is also the one of Darkness.

Skeleton Woman is the other Woman.

"In most Western cultures, various dogmas and doctrines have obscured the real nature of Dead Nature to the point of completely separating it from its other half, Life.

Death always carries within it the seeds of a new life."

Often occulted and seen as the Forbidden Woman, or called by some the fallen, sinful, harlot.. witch, demonic.. and the list goes on..

Genesis Adam Eve Lilith

Genesis: Creation of Eve; Adam - Eve - Lilith marble relief on the left pier of the façade of the cathedral; Orvieto, Italy via wikimedia

We always see the duality of the Woman..

Archetypes: Eve and Lillith

Golden Madonna - Black Madonna

Two Marys.. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

adam eve lilith

Lilith, serpent woman on Notre Dame de Paris



This is the Woman, the Divine Feminine to be embraced and this is the Lesson of the Skeleton Woman

Everything is Cyclic.

All that is Born, Dies.

Everything that has a Beginning has an End.

Let's not run away from it.

Let us not be afraid of our emotions and implicitly of death.

Everyone wants to stay alive but very few dare to live.

"Anger can turn into sadness.
This will be the symptom of the purity we will experience if we allow ourselves, for the first time, to express an emotion after having repressed it for a long time in the form of a mental image."
Don Miguel Ruiz

Unfortunately, Man does not understand this..

The more you run away from the Skeleton Woman, meaning your emotional body.. especially in an Age like this of awakening the Divine Feminine, and when everything is manifesting rapidly.. she will bring you face to face with Her to do a choice of Life and Death.

And when the Skeleton Woman gets in people's way, it's also because they've never met her.. and She has for them a Lesson of her natural Nature.

And they will fear... and flee from Her as from... death . What She Is..

Kind of sad, right?!

If you keep hiding.. and you don't heal your wounds, you don't give up old destructive habits and you don't do anything to recover your fragments, by your actions you are heading towards the degradation of the soul, towards Non- Being and She will show you this without fail.

And because in your Basement are all your demons.. and all the ghosts you don't want to see and don't have the guts to face.. sooner or later when She decides enough is enough, you it will get them out of the way again and again.. simply.. through your great Hall of Mirrors..

And you will wonder why everything happens only to you, while you see your work and your job and Facebook... and that's only because you didn't even dare to look inside, and you no longer know feelings, emotions and you don't do anything for your drum, for the Soul.

If you don't start cleaning your subconscious mind, the mess starts coming out at you.

And what dies for you when She comes?

When it's not so serious.. and it's not too late.. illusions, expectations die, the immense desire to have, to take only the beautiful.. just the beginning.. the ego dies, the old you.. but when too late.. I don't know, maybe it shows itself through a war, a pandemic.. a madness that will mirror Her and for you to see her, and not be able to ignore her anymore.

" Wisdom is not a gift, it must be persecuted, not accepted and conquered.
Getting to the bottom line is what I call walking through the desert.
When you walk through the desert, you come face to face with your emotions.
But when you return from there, all the demons turn into angels."
Don Miguel Ruiz

The Feminine who does not know the Skeleton Woman

The woman who hasn't known Skeleton Woman doesn't know herself and hasn't known her wild side.

If the Woman is hurt and she has not yet found herself in her depths, she will follow you, she will be jealous, possessive, controlling, manipulative..

Hurt, she will cling to a man she finds to be her salvation. She is the one who makes passions. She is the one looking to get married, she is the one who will want a child to keep a man close to her.

The woman who does not know her skeleton, who does not control her inner waters, will need promises of the future, commitments from her partner, because she does not accept her cyclical nature, that everything that has a beginning also has an end and does not accept death as part of Her.

And he will flee from her and her waters, because her waters clog.. there is too much mud. Her emotions are not balanced, and she cries, victimizes herself, floods...

In this case many men will look for the Other Woman.. The Skeleton Woman in another woman.

The wounded woman needs gentleness and a lot of patience, like that of the gentle fisherman who helps her untangle her threads and come back to life.

And I'm not just referring to the fisherman in a male... but the fisherman in you woman, the one who looks for himself, takes care of himself, puts things, thoughts, relationships, job, whole life in order. And I mean your feminine nature, empathy, care, gentleness, love.. towards you.

To find the wild side of yourself you must learn to love yourself, to accept your wild cyclical nature, to accept death as part of life, and the end as part of the beginning.

"To love, we must be strong and wise. Strength comes from Spirit, and wisdom from experience with Skeleton Woman."

Strength comes from Masculine meaning Spirit.

Wisdom comes from Intuition. It is obtained through the experience of the heart, the testing of the inner waters, of the Emotions, through experiences in the Feminine.

"To be nourished throughout life, we must accept the nature of life-death-life and develop a relationship with it. When we no longer wander in pursuit of our fantasies, but wisely approach the necessary deaths and miraculous births that create true realities. Before the skeleton woman, we learn that passion does not have to be "searched for", it is periodically generated and therefore given. The skeleton woman shows us that living together the ups and downs, all the beginnings and endings, gives birth to an unparalleled, devoted love."

Only when you are ready, you can love, you can embrace and accommodate even the most unhappy part of you, and then of another, only then can you forgive and be forgiven. Then you can barely love your demons without fear and choose to look the skeleton woman straight in the eye.

But until then you won't realize that you're punishing yourself, you won't realize that you're whipping yourself.

Until then..

  • either you are running out of fear from love, from a relationship, or from a relationship.
  • or you will run away from the fear of control..
  • either you choose to stay alone for fear of attachment,
  • either you run away for fear of suffering,
  • or run for fear of the End,
  • of death to something that has not even begun,
  • for fear of losing what you love..
  • or you wonder what other faiths.

And worse.. out of fear of loneliness you give yourself to whoever is convenient for you, where there are no emotions, where you don't feel anything..

And look like that running away eating the ground from whatever comes towards you, run away again and again for fear.. to live.

The woman who knew her Darkness

Once healed the Woman becomes Wild, and One with the other part of her, the Darkness.. and will recognize the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Although every death and ending brings suffering she will find the inner strength to restore the balance of her waters.

This Woman is the one who will be Patient. Who Loves unconditionally. She is the one who knows how to wait and will only let the fisherman fish in her waters when he is prepared to take the risk himself that there is a possibility of bringing up his own dead bodies.

This is the Woman that the patriarchy wanted to marry at all costs, to hand her over from one man, the father, to another, the husband.. because of her freedom. This is the Woman they called a witch, or whore, old girl, out of step with the world.. or I know how.. All of this has left deep wounds in the female collective subconscious.

But this woman, feminine knows that man is constantly changing and not everyone can always keep up.

People change all the time, they vibrate differently, and not everyone is on the same wavelength after a while. And as the outer world changes according to the inner world, when one is constantly seeking to heal and the other is not, there will be a great discrepancy between those two people and they end up drifting apart, no longer intersecting. And so relationships break, and the realms of their stories separate from themselves.

For those who don't want to raise their vibration, the Light will bother them a lot, that's why Love hurts.. it's much too painful the Light because with it it will reveal to that man the skeletons in the cellars that he doesn't want to look at yet . And for the one who wants to rise, when the weight brings him down, will hold him in place or pull him down, he will feel the need to free himself.

"Every hunter, fisherman tries to catch treasure from the Deep Sea.. treasure from the depths and mysterious Feminine waters.

When this happens in a story, we know that immediately the battle will break out between what lives in the Upper World and what lives, or has been repressed, in the Lower World.

In a dance of love, when both life and death touch, some still want to grasp it, clean it up, and let what is left to die while others stop and run away. Not everyone is brave enough to face their shadows, they are hidden in the depths for a purpose and this was not the treasure they were looking for."

And now, when one is about to have his heart beat and prepare to meet the Skeleton Woman of a lifetime, the other shouts.. "Not Yet, Not Yet.. or Not! Never!"

To Love, to love yourself, you need Courage.

Everyone wants to understand the woman, but few are willing to dive into her deep depths. They all want to taste her sweet waters, to feed on her energy but without touching the depth and her Pure Darkness for fear of bringing any skeleton to the surface.. because they all.. flee eating the earth from death, from the death of habits their.

While everyone is running from the Skeleton Woman, it's somehow funny and sad that they are all running from the Divine Feminine that most are waiting for to come as their salvation..their worldly lives. When She saves Souls, not Ego, nor lives that are heading for Non-Being and non-being.

Log of synchronicities:

  • I had been listening to Gigi Young on youtube not long ago and she was talking about images, archetypes where most of the time a man appears next to two women. e.g. Adam with Eve and Lilith.. Mother Mary - Mary Magdalene, Gold Madonna - Black Madonna
  • I resumed reading abandoned for some time.. The Woman Who Runs with the Wolves and came across the story of the Skeleton Woman.
  • Not long ago I had written a post about our reality as a Hall of Mirrors, and since it was the same topic everywhere I was thinking.. what lesson do all these people have to learn?!
  • More posts appeared about Mărțişor.. "and on this day, from the thread of time spun by Baba Dochia, the rope of the Year was woven into a white thread and a black thread. Representing winter and summer, day and night, Death and Life.. and these two twisted threads, of white and black wool were given on the first night of the New Moon" which was the second day on the 2nd.
Then he also told that in ancient times Black represented the Earth, the color of fertility, then it turned into red representing fire, passion and sacrifice.. while White represented the color of Death and frozen winter..
  • Like later.. to see a joke where a gentleman had posted something like.. The woman is so good every man should have two..
Wow.. and I was thinking how he has two in one and he has no idea.. :)
  • This appears via fb:

The Duality of Woman Life and Death

  • And I found myself writing a comment on the post... The woman ..

Then thinking better I thought.. how crazy.. she was Yin and Yang. Yes, it gave me a wave of ideas and I started writing them down:

Yes, how can I get this out of my sight after I saw her, after I found her, after in the last days I keep seeing Life and Death and she is everywhere?

And how can I take it out of my sight now when I know that in every Woman there are two, it's Life and.. Death that we all run from?

Even we women, when we are not healed, by our feminine nature .. we run away..

And how come you appeared to me today, together with the Martișor, when in the old days I was twisting your White thread like the light of Life with your Black thread like Death and deep Darkness?!
I found you.
I recognize you.
I love you Woman!

Thank you Divine Feminine.

Like today I revisited the post with Marțişorul when I wanted to write about her and noticed that the White Thread was the Death of Winter instead of Life as I had seen it.... and she seemed to me sometimes one, sometimes the other, but her.. .. It is. All..

  • All the images and quotes, minus the ones from Dances with Wolves, came to me while I was writing this article.. as if what I was already thinking wasn't enough and it was as if they were all singing the same song with me even though I was singing it now for the first time. see all quotes here
  • I hadn't listened to Suada Agachi in a long time, and I was just talking to a friend about a seminar of hers that I attended a few years ago, and then a comment someone made on another post in who said that Suada describes the character in the picture very interestingly, and I let myself be carried away by her on the page where I notice a video with the Major Arcana and open it.

I really recommend you look up that video on youtube, link here .

The way these tarot cards have now been revealed to me has been amazing..

Although now the Skeleton Woman was no longer a stranger to me in Love, I had a Big Surprise.. 

And here he is again ... between the two Women.

the major arcana the lover

The Major Arcana Lover via Insta

Suada describes him as a man between two choices, and even as a man who has to choose between two women, she also explains how the next book traces his path, the destiny he chooses according to the woman he chooses. The next book being The Chariot, with the two horses of his chariot, which will either pull together towards the same road, or pull one to the left, the other to the right, and lead to destruction.

And I saw Man with the choice he always has to make... between Life and Death!

Man is always faced with the two "women", the two choices. He will either choose Skeleton Woman to heal, face his Fears, and keep the Soul Flame Alive.

Or foe will always choose "Life", the Surface part of any "woman" without ever going deep, always running away from emotions, feeling... ignoring the heart, a path that will lead him to Destruction and Death of the Soul.

The End.

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