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To be or not to be - That is the question - Being or Non-being

Life and Death

via Fine Art America

"To be or not to be, That is the question."

William Shakespeare

And there comes a time in life when everything makes sense.

There comes a time when you begin to notice who IS at home and .... who DOESN'T (is) .. Who has a Soul in the body and who doesn't. Who is Alive, is life, is Here, Who Is, and who... No. Who does not allow himself to be, who is dead inside and walking among the living.

There comes a time when you start to notice if there is still life in a Body, if there is still a soul or... No.

There is a Stream of life that we all embark on from the beginning of our existence. No matter what evolutionary threshold we are currently on, this flow takes us back Home to Source, and every being remains with this primal burning desire to evolve even if they often swim against the Flow.

When we come here, we come with a certain program inherited from other existences, it can tend towards

  • Life
or may tend to
  • Self-Destruction and Non-Existence.

To be

- The Path to Life -

And everything started from a First Echo , from a Primordial Impulse , namely.. To be. (To be)

Imagine that Life, the Flow of Life, was created from the Echoes of Thoughts that rippled outward in waves of sound and then..

took shape

they became matter.

That Thought, Primal Impulse said Yes.

He said Yes to everything that exists, to everything that has consciousness, he said Yes to life, to existence .

Once descended from the higher dimensions down here in the physical plane, in a denser and heavier plane, the surrounding environment became oppressive and heavy. A scarf of oblivion, a fog of ignorance, has been placed over our eyes, and the more we sink into this density we forget who we are.

We forgot where we came from... and because we haven't seen much, except... this world.. palpable, I called this world the real one and everything that is no longer seen... illusion.

And in thousands of years walking through the fog and this dense world.. we moved further and further away from ourselves and most of us disconnected... from the Source.

I forgot how easy we are. I forgot how magical we are. As we are full of Life, of energy, of Unconditional Love for everything, and most of the time we have forgotten that we are more than matter, more than a body, more than a brain or another piece of flesh, we have forget that we are Everything.

Many of us can only see with our physical eyes, so far removed from ourselves, and although we somehow know that we are more than that, we still identify and present ourselves to the world only with what we can see in a the mirror.

life death

via Fine Art America

"The Primary Echo - The Primary Thought is TO BE (To be)

If the primary thought was Să Fii (A Fi - To Be - Being - Being), meaning that YES said to everything that exists, every time you allow yourself to be, you are soul, you are life, you are everything, YOU ARE .

Living being.

To be is an open Palm. Literally..

open hands

Art Hands that Give Life via Steemit

Anyone who says Yes to all that is Life, be it nature, animals, beings, all that is natural.. he who says Yes to himself and allows himself to be Authentic, follows his Soul's desire, he follows the Echo Primordial and follows its natural journey of evolution.

This is the Being! And she always.. Gives.

Because Being is connected to Source, it will always come naturally and easily to it to give its All to someone else unconditionally.

He offers love, understanding, forgiveness, his time, his words.. tranquility, peace, abundance, knowledge, joy.. And help, but only when asked! He does not intervene without being asked.

This will be the predominant program of the one who chooses to Be.

Being is a wide open palm, which Gives and Does not Ask, It does not want anything in return, It has no expectations.. and I repeat it because we arrive at.. Not Being and Non-being and thus we can observe what path We are accustomed to more often to choose.

Because Being contains everything that exists, by definition, it also contains the other Extreme, i.e.. its deepest opposite. Don't Be.

Don't Be

Non Being = Non Being - Non-Being - Non-Being

Definition of nonbeing: absence or lack of being: NONEXISTENCE

The state of not being; non-existence.
"The idea that unconsciously we all long for death, for non-being"

If BEING says YES (to life) and is an emanation of the thought of Being, the thought of NOT BEING, is what moves towards Non-Being and is an emanation of the thought of NO. The Alchemist via youtube .

More precisely, it is a NO said to life, to nature, to everything that is natural, to Not Being.

Non-being, says a clear No to Him, to Self, denies and refuses the PRIMORDIAL Thought of Being and thus denies Creation.

His program will tend towards Self-Destruction and Non-Existence. Towards Annihilation.

A Nu Fi is a Closed Fist. Literally..

closed fist

via Saatchi

He who fights and swims against the Wave of Life is headed for Nonexistence, self-destruction and death. Not death of the body, but an extinguishing of the flame of the Soul.

We must understand that just as many entities came into the world with a predominant agenda towards all that is Alive and Life, other entities came into this world with a predominant agenda of Self-Destruction and tend towards Death, towards Disintegration. They came up with a program that rejects all forms of Life, Nature and all that is Natural. They deny with all their convictions the Creation that they want to replace with something artificially created by them.. something without Life.. They will replace it with something Dead, without content, without Soul, without Being exactly after... their image and likeness.

And if they wanted to in this phase of their existence of.. "Non-Being", they could create anything else, only Non-Life.

    These are all those with clenched fists,

    • those with their fists raised and ready for a fight or a fight;
    • he who raises his hand, fights;
    • the one who strikes;
    • he who always seeks to take;
    • seeks to steal, usurp;
    • clinging with claws;
    • the gatherer;
    • the one who is hoarder.. hoarder, gatherer of you wonder what.. anything.

    These entities have no more emotions, they have completely ignored their heart's call, they have completely ignored the Emotional body as if it confused them, they didn't need it, and their Temples no longer contain Soul, they are Empty inside, they are strangers to love and they have no way to value Life for a moment. "And from where it is not, neither does God ask..." In other words, everyone can only give what is, and you cannot ask something from where It Is not. Those who run away from Love also head towards Non-Being.. those who choose anything, not only love.

    What must be understood is that the further these entities have moved away from the Stream of Life, because they have lost their Soul, they have lost their connection and direct connection with Source, with the Divinity within them, and they are desperately trying to re-establish a "connection indirect" through any other Being more Alive than them, with a Torch (of the soul) more Alive than theirs, to Re-enter the Stream of Life.

    As I said at the beginning, because we are all set to follow the Flow of Life regardless of the path we choose, we always remain with the original desire to evolve, to Be, to Live, to Exist.

    And because the Non-Beings can no longer create enough vital energy (Chi), nor can they feed directly from the Source because they have disconnected by denying it, they are thus out of the Flow. And in order to Survive they must enter back into the Flow of Life (according to the original desire to be), and to Re-enter the Flow instead of opening their fists and opening from within..,

    • they will cling with their claws to everything that is Alive or more Alive than them.
    In any Now a Non-Being could re-enter the Flow by itself, just by opening its clenched palms.

      Paradoxically, these entities are the ones that..

      • they will fear Death the most because they somehow know they are out of the Stream of Life.
      All the Non-Beings.. Not the Beings
      • they have Anxiety = fear of the future = fear of death = fear of Annihilation. All this because they left the Flow of life, and because they deny Creation, they fear that after death there is nothing.. they have no Faith in ... Existence, they live with the Fear of Annihilation and on Survival Mode. They believe in No-Life, meaning Death. And for this reason they will try by all means to prolong their life here.

        And because they say No to Life and can no longer create it, being in Survival mode ,

        • they will steal FOOD from wherever they can.. namely.. Life ENERGY, Chi to prolong their existence by any means, but denying life.. and.. trampling over corpses.

        As a parenthesis... Now, at the end of the cycle, the time of the Harvest has arrived, which was written about in books, this is also the subject of many films... SF for most, and they all tell us about the same thing, namely.. the separation tares of wheat , Harvest from an end cycle or apocalypse . Although it may seem sad to many of us, we are living in these very times the ascension of The Great Mother Gaia, which increases its vibration more and more every day, and We either choose to grow with it.. or we give up at the first, or at the second.. if we can't keep up and we're not in the Flow. That's why we are shaken Now harder.. to wake up, to be Attentive, to be Present. (about the harvest I recommend the films Jupiter Ascending, Matrix, Project Ithaca)

        • As the vibration of the Earth rises, the Non-Being, does not want you to raise your vibration.. wake up, it wants to keep you asleep and anesthetized, in programming, in guilt, hatred, fear, struggle and other low emotions for that she is no longer in Flux and if you are no longer her Food what else... is there...?!
        • The Non-Being seeks Survival outside the Stream.. and will try for example in Altered Carbon to move its consciousness into another younger, more AI body to prolong its life here, for fear that there is Nothing after this life. Or you wonder what other "artificial" ideas they come up with.. Maybe they even move to Mars and try their best to create "Life" there with what they... They are not, but at least they still live a little outside The Flow of Life. 
        • If Being is the open palm and the one who gives unconditionally, the NON-Being is the closed palm and the one who gives but expects something in return. Sometimes it is something material, sometimes that something is your Energy. The Non-Being is also the one who reproaches you for giving, doing, helping, loving you, because the NO-Being always has expectations and gives from a posture of Lack.. lack.
          Medusa Archetype heals
          • The NO-being is also the Predator. Read The Woman Who Runs with the Wolves, Bluebeard's story)
          • It is the Violator. The archetype of Medusa.

          Medusa Fan ART by Abigail Lake .

          • The non-being is the Avenger.
          • Non-being is the taker of Life.


          suppressed emotions painting

          Suppressed Emotions via Saatchiart

            Non- being

            he is the master of your Mind when you are not at home.


            • The non-being is the Energy Vampire. Being disconnected from the Source, he will look for energy externally through arguments, contradictions, judgmental thoughts, he is the ideal partner for gossip, endless discussions... there are also those people who mainly discuss their problems, although they are not very interested in advice , only your time and all your attention on them. And when the attention is on you.. they will arouse low emotions, they will remind you either what you don't have, what you can't do, or that you are not enough, they reinforce some fears, reaffirm some convictions, remind you of a failure, of a rejection, trauma, poke at the wounds and repressed emotions with the stick. All this.. with your will of course.. you are not the victim of the Universe, they are just your Mirrors.

            Non-Being Steals Time... Present! - Steals you from the Present moment

            time thief

            The secret of the Time Thief via Saatchiart

            The Thief Of Time. Serge Van Kache.

            The Thief Of Time. Serge Van Kache. via Pinterest

            • The NO-Being, It is not.. Present.. It is always Off and gone Elsewhere in Time

            To get out of the denser plane where Time is Linar, we must Master Time through Presence .

            I recommend a video about Dimensions explained here on YouTube .

            About the theft of Now see the blog post: The Thief of Time(comming soon)

            Speaking of Non-Being as an influence from Outside I mention that..

            The biggest energy drain a NON-Being makes is by Stealing the Present Time and capturing your Attention in.. other Time than Now. The non-being is the Stimulus and you create within yourself the emotion, then the reaction. You have the button, it shows you that you have the button and it consumes your Present moment moving your attention sometimes to the future, sometimes to the past. 
            • The NON-Being is the Thief of Time - Now - and it will attract your attention by taking you with Attention..

                in the past

                • stuck somewhere behind, with the fear of new Experiences because the Stimuli bring back to you currently unhealed traumas on the basis of which you developed fears, and other low emotions such as guilt, shame, anger... or the concept of sin...; Most blow and curdle and miss out on Life because of paralyzing fears of some unfortunate time and event in the Past. (Been there.. done that.) To be Stimulated and taken to the past, an Image, a Word related to a Belief that has a Low Emotional Charge is enough, and you bring back to the Present.. all the emotion that arose from the moment of the Past event .. And not Not-being does it, you do it. She is only the stimulus, you are the one who has the reaction.

                Here I would like to point out something very important.. while an unpleasant past event is still causing you low emotions, a part of you, a particle of your soul has fragmented and is stuck there at that moment in time and keeps going round and round because you still haven't gotten over that moment when you were hurt, affected, traumatized.. Maybe you think you've forgotten it.. or maybe you think Time has healed it.. Bullshit! Time does not heal! You heal, or you don't.. time only makes you forget that you have a wound there and confuses you even more.

                If you don't know how to put your soul back together.. see what presses you when you are buttoned up by others, and you will know that there is a wound and a piece of soul that you lost and that you can recover.

                What I would like you to understand, and I keep repeating it to myself, is that even if there were predators who caused you that discomfort, everything was once created by you, or with your consent, for your Supreme good and in accord with the Universe's Laws of Resonance and Cause and Effect.

                When certain memories of those listed above come to your mind in great detail, it's your soul fragment that calls you back to that unhealed moment screaming...hey, I'm left here..get me out please from this Time Loop.. I want you to bring me to Now.

                Until you listen to it and begin to hear it and do something to heal yourself.. The non-being has a button to push, a wound to scratch and something to gain by consuming your emotionally charged thoughts and inner turmoil low which is food for Non-being.. it is energy, it is Life which it no longer has.

                And.. THE UNIVERSE.. through the law of resonance, it will put Mirrors in your way that will show you your wound, or your limiting belief.. eg: that everyone or everything is in X way.. These mirrors come for you to see that limiting idea.

                But until you don't see yourself, if all this comes to you in vain and you create all that low emotional charge every time you touch a Mirror of yours, you are only reaffirming your Constraint, Limitation, The Emotional Charges attached to that unfortunate event.. and the Energy coming out of you remains the same. You create more, and on and on.. and it remains to relive the same scenario endlessly.

                And I feel now as I write these lines, that in that scenario, you are a fragmented piece of soul spinning in circles in a Past time.. while the rest of you is Present everywhere but that you cannot access.

                I feel like giving an example:

                Let's say that.. X and Y caused you harm in love and formed in you a belief related to relationships after which you decided that you are better off alone.

                To get out of the Circle.. you can choose to find a way and the inner strength to heal. Or, you can choose to keep going around in circles hoping the Circle changes.. blaming everyone else in the circle, all your mirrors who will at some point reaffirm your belief and limiting belief about relationships.

                It's your choice if the circle and the Victim stance suits you. Keep in mind that here you will find yourself in a situation where you will continue to attract predators... and you will still believe in saviors external to you, whether it is Jesus or someone else, someone else who will take you out of the Circle.

                However, in order to take responsibility for your own life, and the first step towards Self, towards Being, you need to open your Heart slowly towards Love and allow yourself to be You.. and to live.. other experiences from other Emotions than those created until now from old wounds with low emotional charges.

                You are not the Victim of the Universe.. you are the Creator of Your Own Destiny.

                • NO-Being takes you with Attention


                  • it always leads you forward, through daydreaming without action, without emotion. Dreaming of one today, another tomorrow, but not enough to invest enough energy to create something tangible.. just Chaos.. in Future Thoughts. Zero organization. Today I want to be president, tomorrow I want to be a sailor.. today I dream of being a mermaid, tomorrow a whale..
                  • Promise. He deceives.. He promises to do something in the Future.. not Today.., he makes you think of a Hypothetical Future..
                  • Create Hopes.. Hopes are false.. And there are false expectations from the outside and Disbelief in Self... Instead of trusting.. you question.. faith hoping for a.. maybe.
                  • through Fear, with Attention to a hypothetical future Tragic.. war, disease, disasters, loneliness, poverty, abuse.. Living in anxiety, living with the Fear of death.. and look like this you also put energy into the Future Created by others and not of the one created by you consciously Now, whichever side of the barricade you are on. Because where your Thought (Attention) is, there is your Energy! 

                  Although we will all instinctively move to the Source and back to Us, to Self, those who Deny Creation and choose Not To Be choose the longer path and endless repetition, remaining stuck in the Carousel of Time until they learn their lesson .

                  To get out of the Carousel of Time, which is a lesson of this three-dimensional world, you must always cherish the Moment, Be Present, Here, Now. To listen to the song of your soul and do what you feel when you feel.

                  Be careful not to live on memories, fears and traumas.

                  To live life beyond the limits of your hurts and fears.

                  Try to heal these with gentleness, with patience, because fragments of you remain stuck there for a.. time until you find yourself.. until you forgive... you forgive yourself... you love yourself.

                  Don't live only in illusions and dreams, only thinking about the future, about tomorrow but paralyzed by anxieties and fear of being hurt, without trying to live anymore.

                  Do not live in fear of death, when you are Life.

                  Don't be the Time Thief yourself.

                  Step into your Hall of Mirrors with Presence.

                      Many of us have done all these things and many times we still do them without realizing it even though we know them, we have learned them.

                      There are so many facets..

                      Many times we felt the need for attention, for external confirmations, we played with Not Being by stealing other people's energy because we didn't have it and we didn't even realize that we were doing it. We didn't realize what we were heading for. And how many times we didn't allow ourselves to be. And how much we didn't do in life out of fear, out of hurt, out of mistrust in us, out of love for us. drunk..

                      "Don't die with your music still inside you." Serena J. Dyer

                      We all followed the Self-Destruct program.

                      We slowly devoured each other until we emptied our Hearts of Love, of Soul, of Life, of Living for... Nothing.

                      Because there are so many facets..

                      In eons of trickery of NOT-being you want to realize Now everything.. while you are only now beginning to open your eyes, you are only now beginning to remember who You Are..

                      Patience is a virtue. Be patient with yourself.

                      Now is the time to allow ourselves to be .

                      Presence is Your Way!

                      And I would also like you to understand that, when you are not present, when you are not at home, and your soul is not in your body.. sometimes one, sometimes another walks through your temple, and you will wake up that sometimes you spoke without you , your mouth got the better of you, and sometimes you'll find yourself acting without you, because you couldn't stop...

                      And a simple push of an internal button, the Temple ends up behaving like a puppet, a separate entity because at the desk.. You are not.. and your Soul is scattered everywhere in Time.

                      And look like this, through the lack of Self-Presence, a pressed button runs through you day by day, an automatic program... on a path to destruction, to... Self-destruction.

                      And no one can destroy us harder.. than us.

                      If you are here today, it is because today you resonated a little with me and from everything I wrote, there was a message for you.

                      And if you are still looking for your way.. know that..

                      The Way Is To You.. To Self.

                      And however different our journeys may be, whoever follows their Soul's path flows with the Stream of Life.


                      Allow yourself to Be, open your palms slowly, with great gentleness, with great patience, with infinite understanding.

                      Open your arms in a hug.

                      Raise your hands to the sky and shout..
                      And that's enough.


                      Be gentle, gentle with yourself, try not to judge yourself. Hug yourself. love yourself Forgive yourself. Get up and try again.


                      The trumpet sounds.. Be Now. It's Time to Wake Up

                      life death painting

                      Life, Death, Rebirth by Cacciotti

                      For the questioner, I also have a series for you, see which one.. Click.

                      • Through everything I do every day, do I allow myself to be?
                      • Do I go for all that is Nature, natural and alive?
                      • Am I love, do I show love when I feel love?
                      • Am I honest with others and myself?
                      • Am I still hiding? Who do I think I'm hiding from if not myself..
                      • run away Who do I think I'm running from if not myself..

                      Ask yourself..

                      • how much have I failed in Life because I didn't trust myself? Because I didn't consider myself enough.. Because I didn't consider myself beautiful, smart, weaker?
                      • How many have I not done out of fear or shame?
                      • How many don't say, don't ask, don't dare?
                      • Am I listening to my intuition?
                      • Edge? am i dancing Do I scream when my heart cries out within me?
                      • I play?
                      • Am I defending myself?
                      • Do I love my body or mock my temple?
                      • Do what I like for.. me?
                      • Am I doing what I like and with passion?
                      • Do I give without expectation? Do I even give myself without expectations?

                      This blog post was inspired by The Alchemist via youtube .

                      My intention:

                      Here and Now I choose to plant seeds of light through whispers that lie on "paper" for anyone who is looking for their way back to him, to Home, to Self. For anyone who is ready to open up and follow the path of Life. I wrote all this for myself and then for you, and because you arrived here hearing my call, I cover you with Love.

                      Everything I have written is first of all advice from Me to Me.

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