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Pomegranate - Path of the Pomegranate Seed - Soul Seeds - Goddess Persephone - Symbol

woman with pomegranate painting by Bahman pomegranate on a green background Tatiana Llina

via Saatchiart

"Pomegranate - Pomegranate Seeds"

I spiral with my Goddesses, women unknown to my physical eyes and yet so familiar through their experiences. Wow.. So many mirrors.

Spiral 4, Our name is the Earth withLaura Maria Yara , week 4, element Water.

Earth element offering
Air element offering
Air element offering
Fire Element Offering

For a long time, for far too long, I have been silent. For too long, too long I've been hiding the whispers of thoughts and not letting them flow, not opening up, not letting my wave surface.. shine.. for far too long.. I'm not.

So many times I consumed the Fire from the ecstasy of awareness by telling one, two.. exhausting it by saying something like that.. nonsense, to anyone who had ears but.. not necessarily Aude.. Then naturally, I no longer had had the calling and energy to put down on paper the flow of ideas that was flooding me, or maybe because I had simply exhausted it already.

And how much Ecstasy comes when you manage to align yourself with the flow of ideas. And what a Joy when you manage to step for a moment beyond this lower plane, where there is no Time. Where everything.. Is.

Here, sometimes, things line up in a linear series of events and realizations like pieces of a puzzle through a series of synchronicities... "coincidences" for those who haven't tasted them yet and grope through the fog... but they all, beyond, somewhere above, in a higher plane where Time disappears... they all... Are. She was

Sunday. Today, I'm writing for my group goddesses, and for those of you who accidentally land here... there's too much to say on a WhatsApp group; then, I'm curious.. How many do I see?! How many can I hear?!

Recently, someone dear to my heart asked looking at the secretary in the room.. "is that where you write and hide your secrets?" And then, laughing.. "and only Milky (the puppy) hears them?!"

Yeah.. kind of like that. And we are all messengers for others.. Little do we know. Few of us hear them..

I heard. Today I start writing.

Stories from Synchronicities - Pomegranate

In all the offerings so far to the elements, I felt like putting Pomegranate seeds, and until yesterday I didn't ask, until yesterday I didn't ask.. Why?... maybe I forgot what I knew, or maybe that I simply forgot that I knew.
And yet why did I put pomegranate seeds in everything? You see, this is what some women think, wiser some would say, and more foolish others would think.. :)

And look like this, after yesterday I threw a quarter of a pomegranate, white flowers and a hot pepper (don't ask..) as an offering to Grandfather Fire, later I was in the kitchen eating the rest of the pomegranate and asking myself these trivial questions.

Today I start a video on youtube, and listen:

"No Soul can reach the wave of life (ie Earth's Evolutionary Flow) or Earth's Rope of Consciousness unless it passes through the womb of a Woman." Gigi Young

Then he starts talking about these female characters from stories that have gone down to the depths of the earth (Alice down the rabbit hole, The 7 princesses, etc.) and at one point he says.. Persophany.. and somehow I feel the name call, I stop the video, and I start googling it.

pomegranate pomegranate the forbidden fruit stopped And on the first image search, this pomegranate appears.. web: The path of Persophany

Then I search again, I think that I didn't write correctly, I press the suggestions, and I start to wonder... why did a Pomegranate appear to me?

And I find..

Persephone - Queen of the Underworld

A new quest: PERSEPHONE 

The Goddess often holds a Pomegranate in her hand, or a Pomegranate Seed, symbolizing her marriage to Hades (king of the underworld) and her connection to the underworld.

- goddess of vegetation

-represents life, fertility and death

In the myth of Persephone, the pomegranate represents life, regeneration and marriage.

"In the ground where the blood of Dionysis had fallen, a pomegranate sprouted." (also god of vegetation )

the abduction of persephone painting The Abduction of Persephone via Oceanbridge

Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter (goddess of agriculture) while picking daffodils with the Oceanides, the earth opens and Hades (King of Underworld) kidnaps her and takes her to his kingdom.

Demeter, Persephone's mother, is deeply hurt and grieved by the disappearance of her daughter and troubled by the suffering she feels, she loses... herself.

No matter which of the found options we choose, in both... Demeter, goddess of agriculture, loses her...

the way, the order, the silence..

they neglect their duties, and because of this the land becomes barren and the people begin to suffer and die of hunger.

So Zeus steps in and asks Hades to return Persephone.

Persephone eats a seed (or 3) from a Pomegranate from the underworld and by the fact that she Tastes from that World , according to these ancient laws, she is forever bound to the world there, in this case, to the world below, to the world the dead.

Because of Persephone's taste of the... Underworld, Zeus cannot take Persephone from Hades to return her to her mother, but he finds a compromise solution, and it is decided that Persephone spends a third of the year under the Earth in the underworld, and the rest of the year up on Earth with his mother Demeter.

And so, just like a seed, Persephone lived among the sleeping, the dead, the lifeless or whatever you want to call them, under the Earth, being their queen.

And Spring, it came back to life and brought fertility and abundance to the earth.

Moreover, it is said that this is how the seasons were born.

Winter coincides with the grief of her mother Demeter and Persephone's descent into death, as well as the descent into the Underworld of other characters in other stories.

They are all trying to tell us the same things.

Winter is a time of introspection and searching within.. it represents the descent deep into the subconscious, connecting with the unseen world, with the spirit world, with the mysteries and wildness within us, with our intuitive nature that comes from beyond us, from deep within our. It represents the descent into the unknown, the descent into death from where the Soul always returns to the surface because wherever it is... it has and is... Life.

Like later... every year, in the spring, Persephone returns from the world of the dead and with her everything comes back to life, everything is reborn. She brings with her the light and warmth in her mother's heart and thus, the abundance, abundance and joy of life returns to Earth.

Persephone as the Goddess of Vegetation, represents the death and life of vegetation each year.

And look like this, again and again, everything continues in a natural cycle.. in a Feminine cycle... with birth, with death, and with rebirth, as I think only from a Womb is possible, always and always in a continuous Spiral of Time here on Mother Earth.

blood moon

Blood Moon via Muglia-art


Now, looking at the Pomegranate, I see in it the Seed of Truth , I see the Seed of Soul that remains regardless of death and time, the Seed that keeps deeply written in it the secret code that always brings us back to Life, to the flow of Life even if we sometimes inadvertently we lose ourselves by being raptured into Darkness.

Now, looking at the Pomegranate, I see in her the symbol of the Womb of a woman , I see in her the mysteries of her sacred seeds , I see the cosmic impulse of the descending divine feminine, fearlessly descending into the darkness of oblivion, of ignorance, of a dense world, I see the Soul unfolding in hundreds of seeds to materialize here on Earth to experience life.

I see a key coded in the juice of her red and living blood , it leads to Heaven, and to anyone's heart , and I know that once stuck in the ground, it can awaken from death and bring Love and Life to even the most extinguished heart, in The heart of their King, the most extinguished of them all.

This is what she symbolizes.. The Heart, the Seeds of the Soul, the Life , which wherever it is never dies. She is.. the legacy left by the Divine Feminine through a direct line descending in the blood code that does not make water, and that follows everywhere Life, Being and ...Being

It is not for nothing that I discover that the dry pomegranate tree signifies "sin".. A nu Fi. When you don't allow yourself to be.. you choose Non-Being, and through you is anyone else but not You, and this is actually the sin, because you always betray yourself, you don't love yourself, you don't allow yourself to say, to feel, to do, to censor yourself, and to choose something other than You is against you.

Every time you don't allow yourself to be, you are in Non-Being.

read here about To Be and Not To Be

Then I also see, that once you have tasted (experienced) any Fruit of a world unknown until then, and the Seed of Truth, there is no way back.

Once you felt the Taste of Knowledge, you began to look at the World with other eyes, from a wider or different perspective, and although you begin to notice yourself and find yourself in others, you will never be the same again, not even you can't be yesterday, and you can't make others see and understand what you understand until they also taste this Experience, this fruit.

Metaphorically, to taste means to experience , and trying to give the fruit to others to taste it (to experience) somewhat "forced", when they don't ask, and You Offer is like trying to give your Experience to someone else and thus, you do their Savior before their time came to live that experience.

Thus, when you give them a taste and it is not their time, as the stories tell us, you become their Predator, because you want to be their God without even realizing it, that you want to be the one who saves them.

It is the same when you are offered a Fruit of Knowledge through someone else's Experience!

Even if that person doesn't do it consciously, at the soul level they clearly know that you have not yet experienced that, and that it is not yet your time. You don't even know what to do and how to manage that fruit, that knowledge. You're just not ready.

When that person decides to come to you to give you the Fruit (knowledge), without you asking, when you taste this fruit, that Fruit becomes Poisonous for you at an inappropriate moment, and look like that you are the Victim , you can lose Soul, and he becomes your Predator .. consciously or not becoming your Savior and "God".

And sometimes when you are afraid that you have no one to teach something, aren't you afraid that you will run out of loot?

Is it when you are afraid that you have no one to save, that you have somehow not come out of the Flux and you are afraid that beyond there is Nothing? 

And so, until you get out of all three roles, victim, aggressor, savior, father Time spins you in a time-locked carousel from which you cannot get off until you learn your lesson.

Round and round .. Again and again.

the carousel of time

photo via Pinterest

And this is how it flows when I allow the waterfall of my Waters, and this is how, when I allow my whispers to be my Wind, and everything I wrote is for Myself, for my pomegranate seed and the call... of Him, of the Soul.


Via Peopleofar

Wednesday. Digging more into the rabbit hole..

I look at Pomegranate now and it's like finding hidden treasures, lost seeds, fragments of Soul, which we are constantly searching for. Even the heart in the chest of Jesus, from the icons, looks like a pomegranate to me, even the one in the chest of the Mother and others... and everything that follows and I find only confirms what I already felt to write above the other day .

From here onwards just a string of fragments discovered by following the Pomegranate Seeds.

"One of the first Gnostic Brotherhoods to perpetuate these mysteries from the East in Egypt to the West was the ancient Phoenician priesthood of the Cabiri of Crete, who said that the meaning of the pomegranate was the 'forbidden secret' . 'Of the pomegranate I must say nothing,' whispered the traveler Pausanias in the 1st century, "for her story is somewhat of a holy mystery ."

"33rd degree Freemason and Rosicrucian Master, P. Hall wrote about the pomegranate in The Secret Teachings of All Ages: "The pomegranate is the mystical fruit of the Eleusinian rites; by eating it, Prosperine bound herself to the realms of Pluto (Hades). The fruit here it signifies sensual life which, once tasted, temporarily deprives man of immortality . Also, because of its large number of seeds, the pomegranate was often used to represent natural fecundity. For the same reason, Jacob Bryant, in Ancient Mythology, notes that the ancients recognized in this fruit a suitable emblem of the Ark of the Deluge, which contained the seeds of the new human race. "

Among the ancient mysteries, the pomegranate was also considered to be a divine symbol with such a special meaning that its true explanation could not be divulged. It was called by Cabiri "the forbidden secret".

According to the Books of Kings, the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz that stood in front of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem were engraved with pomegranates.

King Solomon's crown is designed based on the "crown" (chalice) of the pomegranate. In a quote from the Song of Solomon: "Your lips are like a thread of scarlet, and your speech is beautiful: your temples are like a piece of pomegranate in your locks." (Song of Solomon 4:3).

Jennings also said: “The pomegranate is a badge of the Plantagenets; in its shape it resembles a crescent; it is a symbol of the feminine influence in nature . There is an unexpected competition with the crescent here. and the star of the East; for above the pomegranate—which is sometimes represented as a crescent in the heraldic insignia of the Plantagenets—the six-pointed star appears in the hollow of the crescent, with its points curvilinear or serpentine. The Plantagenet bloodline goes back to Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, and his line is responsible for all the great kings. and some queens of England, France, and Spain.

Queen Mary's symbol was a pomegranate and a rose combined; the Tudor rose impaling a sheaf of arrows, marked with a wreath and sin rounded with rays." all via Gnostic Warrior

"Along with citrus fruits and peaches, the pomegranate is one of the three blessed fruits . In Buddhist art, the fruit represents the essence of favorable influences.

In Buddhist legend, the child-devouring demon Hariti was cured of her bad habit by the Buddha, who gave her a pomegranate to eat. She is depicted in Buddhist art holding a child. In Japan it is known as Kishimojin and is invoked by infertile women.

In medieval depictions, the pomegranate tree, a symbol of fertility, is associated with the end of the unicorn hunt. The captured unicorn appears to be bleeding from the wounds inflicted by the hunters. The "wounds" are actually pomegranate seeds dripping their blood red juice onto its milky white body. Wild and uncontrollable by nature, unicorns can only be tamed by maidens. Once tamed, the unicorn was kept in an enclosed garden and tied to a pomegranate tree, symbolizing the imminent incarnation of Christ.

The Qur'an's heavenly paradise describes four gardens of shade, springs and fruits, including the pomegranate. Legend has it that every pomegranate contains a seed that came down from paradise. " live ncbi

"In the Armenian tradition, the pomegranate symbolizes the meaning of life, prosperity and abundance. The pomegranate is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus, being a symbol of the resurrection, the rebirth of nature and immortality. According to Christian symbolism, the pomegranate is a symbol of the blood of Jesus , his suffering on the cross and the sacrifice made by him for humanity and the seeds of the pomegranate represent the church that holds its believers together like the pomegranate that collects the multitude of grains under its peel.

"The name of this lovely fruit comes from the Latin word 'granatis', which means wheat seed. The Greeks referred to the pomegranate as a gift of love that is always inviting and symbolizes fertility, abundance and the arrival of spring. Although it is often used in works of art to allude to the beauty and exuberance of the vagina, it is specifically meant to represent the ovaries and ovum cells . During the Renaissance, it was linked to paintings of the Virgin Mary and her son, the ultimate gift to mankind. The juice that comes from fruit is meant to represent the bloodboth the menstrual blood and the blood of Christ —that gives eternally. It is not uncommon to see it called the ' blood of life .'" via bustle in the article entitled 7 Beautiful Historical Symbols for the Vagina

The pomegranate has a special role in the Old Testament as it is the only fruit of the 3 fruits allowed in the sanctuary of the Holy Temple . The reason for this choice lies in the fact that the pomegranate was never eaten by insects, thus becoming a symbol of incorruptibility." via Pomegranate Queen of All Fruits

"The pomegranate is considered the 'queen of all fruits' not only because of its taste and its health benefits but also because there is a pomegranate head that looks like a crown . There is a belief that the prototype of the royal crown comes from the "crown" of the pomegranate . According to the ancient Greeks the pomegranate tree pomegranate grew from the blood of Dionysos who was the god of vegetation (like Persephone) , viticulture and winemaking.For the Phoenicians it was the symbol of the tree of life .

The pomegranate was also a sign of power because of the "crown" on the head. The large amount of seeds in the thick skin of the fruit symbolized the universe with its planets and stars . In ancient Armenia the pomegranate also symbolized eternity . The famous Armenian physician and writer Amirdovlat of Amasia wrote about the healing properties of the bright red flowers stating that “The wild pomegranate flower has a cleansing effect. The red flower is the best.” via Pomegranate Queen of All Fruits

Madonna of the pomegranate child
Via Google image search-Virgin of the pomegranate, Sandro Botticelli

"In Ancient Rome, newly married women wore crowns woven from pomegranate leaves, and pomegranate juice was used to cure infertility .

The pomegranate is also said to be found in the Garden of Eden , according to ancient Iranian Christianity, and was believed to be the true forbidden fruit , rather than the apple.

During the non-Christian Iranian tradition of Yalda Night, people gather at the winter solstice and eat pomegranates to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. " via Kew

Venus Verticordia - Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1864-1868 Venus Verticordia - Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1864-1868

Venus, also known as Aphrodite, posing with a pomegranate.

" The pomegranate was sacred to Aphrodite , who was said to have first planted it on the island of Kypros. The fruit symbolizes female fertility and the consummation of marriage, the loss of female virginity (e.g. in the story of Persephone) with the consummation of marriage (both from its red spots as well as from its rich seeds).

It was also believed to work as a natural abortifacient. The fruit was also sacred to Hera as the goddess of marriage." via Theoi

Related to this aspect, studies were done on rats in which they discovered a decrease in fertility after the subjects were given to consume pomegranates (the white of the pomegranate).

Pomegranate - Symbol of Armenia.

A traditional ending used in Armenian fairy tales: "Three pomegranates fell from the sky: one for the teller, one for the listener, and one for the whole world."

Proserpine (Persephone) - Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1880 Proserpine (Persephone) - Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1880
Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate a second before awakening - Salvador Dali - 1944

Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate a second before awakening - Salvador Dali - 1944

Photo via Pomegranate Blog

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