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Lollidot - What you can find on our site

Our story:

..Once upon a time it was like never and if there was another one like her, it would not be told.. A dream jewel, a vintage outfit, a smart choice for a unique story, yours. Live each present day as and like the last one, live with style, with confidence in your own strength, in your beauty and uniqueness. It shines from the inside and highlights the outside. Be you! Be different, be unique, be sweet as a lollipop. Be a colorful polka dot, be passionate, be cheerful, be your choice! Be a beautiful story to remember, a nostalgia on the lips of many. Be the lollidot choice, just that clourful sweet spot ;)

Lollidot, a new Romanian brand that promises a unique journey through its collections with a bohemian approach, dedicated especially women awakens memories through the reinvented vintage collections and reminds women live and breathe style, poetry, art, music.

Lollidot offers you a diverse range of products, from jewelry with semi-precious stones that differ from one to another in the diversity of stones, colors and their shapes, then goes from reinvented vintage clothing pieces to evening dresses in natural silk by collaborating with other Romanian designers.

(Lollidot is constantly looking for collaborations with other Romanian brands, you can contact us if you want a collaboration with us.)

Lollidot loves the woman and will do anything in power to put her femininity worth.

Summer can't pass without those long airy dresses and summer flowers, without floor-length skirts, wide in the clos that crawls on the ground and gathers energy. And the parties can't forget the black evening dresses that hug your body attract too hugs from looks

Skirts are and will remain the symbol of femininity. It helps us stay in a feminine energy throughout the day and for this reason we will focus our attention especially to skirts of all shapes, sizes and lengths (maxi, mini and midi). We will play with embroidered lace and tulle, we will put flowers in our hair and embroidered belts on the waist.

"Denim story" - a category of reinvented jeans, with manual stitching, embroidery, applied stones, shorts, customized jeans jackets, with an absolutely unique design, no two being the same. All this invoking femininity, reflecting quality, a free and creative spirit through their unique design, creating at the same time the perfect outfit either for a summer evening, a day at the beach or even a night of partying.

If the magic of the evening dresses does not steal your eyes, then surely the sparkle of semi-precious stone jewelry will catch your eye. You will find statement necklaces with amethyst, fine gold-plated chains, pendants with quartz, a beautiful collection with moon and crescent and many other sparkling accessories.

I am happy to be a woman. Affirm this every moment and follow the rest of our blog posts that will help you get more in touch with your divine feminine.

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