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The Hall of Mirrors - The Great Stage of Life - The Reality We Live In - The Matrix - The Circus

Andrew Ferez art

Andrew Ferez art via Tutt Art

The outside world is a Hall of Mirrors.

Mine.. yours... the collective one... of a country.. of an egregor.. of the whole World.

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul... " ― Hermes Trismegistus.

What happens to me is my own Hall of Mirrors and it will show me who I am and what I have to heal, to change. It will contain lessons strictly for me.

What happens to you is your Hall of Mirrors.. Everything that happens to you is a lesson strictly for you and your whole inner world will be reflected on the outside.

What happens to a country is the Hall of Mirrors with that country's collective lesson.

Nothing happens by chance.

Everything happens for the Supreme good of all, no matter how tragic it may seem and nothing is fixed..

Everything is in constant change as we change within. If it is already happening, that Hall of Mirrors has already been created and is now showing itself.

The Supreme Good meaning finding the fragments of soul that you have lost and that the Mirrors show you and push them like buttons from the outside, like a sharp knife in all the wounds you have been running from for too long.

Mirrors hit you when you don't see yourself, because they get in your way to show you everything you've become when you run after everything else.. less than the Soul.

When you do not receive soul from the outside.. you can know that for the soul.. you do nothing.

If there is a struggle of any kind within you, it will be reflected on the outside.

If there is betrayal of Self within you, it will be reflected outwardly.

If there is unconditional love for You in you.. it will reflect outwardly..

If there is attachment to matter in you it will be reflected outwardly.. and inevitably sooner or later it will appear in your Hall of Mirrors to show you this.

The sooner we understand this aspect, the sooner we will turn our attention within ourselves and to this Moment. Now!

We are the only ones responsible for what happens to us and at any moment we can change our entire world.

Guard your Present moment with sanctity.. that's all you have!

Invest your Energy in what you want to become your Reality to walk fearlessly through your Hall of Mirrors.

If you resonate with an external mirror, you also have a lesson to learn.

And don't forget... your Life is formed from within you.. Your Future is created Now.. With every Now!

Stop giving your Mirror or someone else's Mirror with Lipstick!
So your Hall of Mirrors won't change... and therefore neither will the World you live in.

The matrix in which we live

Hall of Mirrors. I think this image represents very well the grand stage of life we ​​live in, The Matrix, via Hovercraftdoggy

Annihilation movie scene

And the saying comes to mind:

Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus

Divergent movie sequence

Divergent movie sequence via studiodaily

Note: In the wake of current events and the avalanche of news and news stories everywhere, I felt compelled to write the above fb post. But because I understood a precious lesson recently, namely.. to stop forcing others my way and the personal awareness gained from my own experiences.. to stop giving my apples to others when it is not yet their time, like not to be their "Saviour" anymore (see here what I mean), I chose to publish it only with the list of friends.. even though that was too much.. But what I noticed is that it reaches everyone exactly anyway as far as they have to go, and that's only if I mirror them in a certain way or if somewhere in the information provided there is a message for them.

If we are not drawn to a certain event or piece of information it is because we are not resonating with it at that moment and we must follow exactly what we feel and not force ourselves to keep up with Someone Else's Path.

Here on the Blog I don't feel like I'm giving poisoned fruit to anyone, but they will sit like a tree.. in The Big World Wide Web and reach exactly those people who will need them, and who will find in their content a message for them.

Someone used to say that.. when you resonate with something, with someone, there is a message from your Self for you... as if saying a... Yes to what you knew, to what you felt, a Yes to a memory. And I know that... if it produces a reaction in you, that's exactly where a wound of yours is hidden, a limiting program, a repressed emotion in the basement of your emotional, and I've scratched your Skeleton Woman a little.

On my way home, wondering why in the world the current events are happening in their "Hall of Mirrors" and what Lesson they have to teach, I came to the Lesson of the Skeleton Woman .
Movie recommendations: Matrix 1, 3. Annihilation, the last one is a representation of our individual annihilation, our own self destruction, and that there is always salvation within us, and not outside.

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