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Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl
Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl
Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl
Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl

Necklace with pink Muscovite - Mica - Pink Moonstone - Cultured pearl

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𝐷𝑒𝑡𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑖 𝑃𝑟𝑜𝑑𝑢𝑠:

Necklace with semi-precious natural stones pink muscovite, pink moonstone and cultured pearl.

Metal: brass

Stones: muscovite, pink moonstone, cultured pearls

Stone size: 0.3-0.7
Necklace length: 41cm

Color: matte lilac-pink

Main stone description: Pink muscovite.

As you begin to wake up and begin to recognize the truth of your life, the Muscovite makes you observe things from a perspective of understanding I would not say higher, but different and more holistic, like seeing the bigger picture..

And because everything is energy, the energy of the Muscovite is to amplify your unconditional love both towards you and towards those around you.

Many who are beginning to awaken feel a deep desire to get in touch with their spirit guides and "higher self".. and this is only a phase, it is only a step.. and only then, when you decide to listen to your intuition and consider yourself ready, you will cease making connections with other beings, entities, deities, or anyone else external to you and will come into contact only with You.

To develop your intuition and clairvoyance, you can use pink and red muscovite crystals.

For those who experience a too-rapid awakening, Muscovite helps you more easily integrate the information coming your way, helps you interpret it, get past your current mental filters, and soothes the shock of all the changes happening within you. Muscovite makes it easier to get through those difficult mental/emotional symptoms.

It is a stone of all possibilities, it will help you live a life that could be more fulfilling Presence, and when you look back on the past you can make connections.. mental and emotional, learning from it. It shows you why you had to go through all those experiences with a new perspective, to accept the past with the good and the bad, and to understand that any event that you once considered a drama will come your way to teach you something.

Muscovite energy makes you research, pushes you to self-knowledge and self-analysis.

The Muscovite carries the vibration of a good transmission of knowledge and helps in finding the information you need to get answers to the questions you have. They will come to us through all kinds of synchronicities, and through information that can appear from anywhere. Whether these appear from books or people who will give you answers to those existential questions you keep asking yourself, the condition is to be Attentive.. Present. Then to any question thrown into the Universe, the Universe comes up with answers. But the answers also come at the level of everyone's inner vibration, and which can gradually be decoded, analyzed, and then we experience one more until we reach awareness. The fact that we have taken an idea from X, is not awareness.. only after the information taken from X unites with our Experience.. can it produce an awareness.. or not.

Of course, you can always do all these things by yourself, alone.. you don't need anything and no one from the outside, except for trust.. that is, faith in yourself.

The Muscovite, like everything else, has a predominant energy that will tend towards a certain path, so to speak.. just as everyone chooses their own path in life, whether they are aware of this aspect or not. And if the person's intention is to connect with his intuition, to be Present.. that is, body, mind, soul in the same place, not separate and totally in other directions, he will choose his travel partners someone who vibrates like him towards the same road.. and maybe for part of the way, this partner will be a Muscovite, maybe it's a puppy, a leaf in the wind or maybe it's just him.. and that's it. Or he may have unsuitable road partners, who will lead him to other paths, either in the past, or in the future, or to other choices.. samd

The most important aspect of Muscovite is that it brings the feminine in us to the surface.. it brings out our repressed emotions from the subconscious, reminds us of experiences and connects us to other aspects of ourselves from other planes that guide us to remember who we are, to where we come from, and what is our sole purpose here... which is.. to BE. (to be you, whoever you are or choose to be)

Muscovite encourages us to start using our innate gifts with which we have been endowed, encourages us to listen to our inner voice and use our energy in achieving our own greatness to work for ourselves and not for others in their creation, and to put the energy to your own creation through Presence.

Ex: If you feel that you are not in the right place, at the right job, the Muscovite helps you find that place and that something of yours to follow in this existence.

"Muscovite allows the recognition of people's mistakes, but also simultaneously stimulates unconditional love and acceptance. It is a reflective stone, which mirrors what you exude and helps you better understand your own projections, namely those aspects of your being that you do not recognize from good start and which you only perceive as 'external' to you. From this point of view, it helps you to understand that the things you don't like in other people are actually your own characteristics that you cannot accept." Judy Hall

Muscovite is said to "seal the aura" and prevent psi attack.

For those who have those buttons, those emotional triggers that certain people manage to press, the Muscovite comes to remind you to be Present.. and stop reacting.. but Act.

By gradually making these inner transformations you will be aware, and always present, and thus, the Muscovite will not seal your aura, but you yourself will stop giving your energy to others, just as you will also feel the energy attacks coming towards you from the outside.

Then our aura shines according to our level of awareness.. The inner light is given by this union of Mental (information, positive pole, masculine) + Emotional (experience, negative pole, feminine), and not by an improper light of other objects , beings, deities.. even gods.

The Muscovite in relationships and breakups. In the books I've read, Muscovite is said to help you regain emotional integrity after breakups, after a painful divorce, and to heal the wounds of abandonment, and to loosen those bonds with old partners , helping you getting rid of attachments and preventing reattachment.

As a personal note.. anything that brings you into the Present is welcome.. and about muscovite, because it intensifies through its energy the connection with Intuition and the state of presence, it is natural for any old ties, attachments to be loosened, but these are not broken alone, because no one should do these things for us and help us... but us. How?! By a clear intention to do so.

Related to Health . I have found about Muscovite that its energy comes to the aid of the adrenal glands and kidneys, helps with problems associated with dehydration, that it supports those who have allergies and those with blood sugar problems.